Tube pasteurizer


This group of pasteurizers is designed and manufactured using Tubular Heat Exchangers of both low and high pressure and in three groups of MTH, HTH and UHTH

DG PA 12 MTTH Model

The MTTH Series with operation temperature of Max. 95˚C is connected in line with Emulsifier and piston Homogenizer. This group of pasteurizers is designed for capacities 10,000-20,000 to meet our clients’ requirements


DG PA 12 HTTH Model

This new generation of our pasteurizers with High Temperature (HT) Heat Treatment feature uses the indirect heating method and non-sterilization process and is best for products of different viscosities such as milk, puddings, baby food and ketchup while maintaining the fresh qualities untouched. Based on the type of the product and their heat treatment requirements, PA12 series are capable for heating solutions of up to 128˚C which makes them an ideal choice for production of ESL (Extended Shelf Life) store milk and flavored milk 

The added feature of HTH model compared with MTH series is that they can be completed with odor absorbent, multi-level holders and internal CIP and cover up different ranges of thermal treatment. The complete isolation of the heat exchanging unit and state-of-the-art insulation guarantees the least temperature drop and easy operation. 

HTH series are designed for 1500L/H-15000 L/H capacities. The continuous supply and maintenance of pressure within the heat exchanger tubes and its easy alteration to comply with pasteurization temperature is another added feature of HTH Model

DG PA 12 UHTTH Model

In this Pasteurizing unit, sterilization process of the product takes place under Ultra High Temperature (>138 ˚C) within a very short time. The product is then packed in a sterile container which if not opened has a typical unrefrigerated shelf life of six to nine months such as ESL Milk

Energy saving through hot water regeneration, being equipped with internal CIP system with its unique sequence of operations and cycle times by water and alkali (caustic soda) and adjustable through a flow-meter and also the use of full auto PLC system to control the ongoing process in different sections are amongst the advantages of UHT H Model   

The specially engineered core of the Heat Exchanging Unit with its moveable design (shell & tube) with hi-tech connecting feature and the modular design of ST-ST316 tubes makes them highly resistant and flexible through thermal shocks 

Using the best quality electronic parts, 11” screen PLC controller, aseptic valves, flow-meter, pressure switches, solenoid valves and other world known top brand parts along with unique design and manufacturing techniques based on the type of product and the custom capacities altogether guarantee the cutting edge operation of this pasteurizing unit

PA-UHT H Model is designed for 1000 L/H-10,000 L/H capacities


 Pasteurizers with wide range of applications in food industry such as: Juice, Whey less Cheese, Ketchup Sauce, Peanut Butter, Creams, etc., have been designed for products with different viscosities that make this pasteurizer a perfect choice for a vast range of food industry products.

Tube pasteurizer

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