Process Tank

Damagostar Process Tanks are classified in two groups : Regular Tanks which are mainly used in bacterium seed cultivation, fermentation of yogurt, cream products, chocolate and ice cream; and Sanitary Pressurizes Process Tanks with special applications . These tanks have the capacity of 500 liters to10000 liters.

All three layers are made of ST-ST304 or ST-ST316 with standard welding and polishing
Having thermal jacket in the wall and bottom of the tank
Covered with thermal insulation jacket to maintain temperature
In process tanks we use verity of electromechanical mixers and especial slops to easily process and mix products and also product evacuation
Using pressure manholes , washing compound turbines, special bearings 
Ability to install emulsion mixer and emulsifier
Chocolate, cream products, ice cream, whey less cheese, cream ,…
In production of cosmetic products
Process Tank


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