Dairy Industry

• Design and production of tubular and plate heat exchanger 
• Manufacturing and assembling of various rubbing pre-homogenizers and piston homogenizers.
• Design and production of all kinds of automatic plate and tubular pasteurizers
• Design and production of various types of tanks in different capacities
• Designing and manufacturing of various washing systems for production lines(CIP: Clean In Place)
• Design and Manufacturing of ESL (Extended Shelf Life)
• Design and manufacture of UHT (Ultra-high temperature processing )
• Design and manufacture of Ultrafiltration machines
• Design and manufacture of various industrial refrigerators and freezing tunnels in various capacities
• Design and manufacture of industrial chillers and ice banks and fast cooling packages
• Design and implementation of specialized power operation, complete automation of production lines and installation of stainless steel piping for industrial facilities
Dairy Industry


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