Centrifuge Pumps

Pumps  are of centrifugal single-stage horizontal type, close-coupled with and electric motor, so they form a package unit of small size, easily transferable. Pump-set sits on three adjustable feet.

Pump casing is easy and fast dismantled with unlocking a tightening sleeve providing direct access to the impeller and facilitating its inspection and cleaning
Impeller is of stainless steel material and is made through foundry process ins ceramic casts and finally is dynamically balanced.
Seal of hydraulic part is the mechanical one and its reliable sealing effect guarantees the shaft sealing of hygienic character and impermeability.
Electric motor is of three-phase, two-pole type and is covered with an easily removable protective enclosure of stainless-steel.

Our perfectly designed range of centrifugal pumps are ideally suited to applications in food industry (milk, fluid dairy products, juices, etc.) and chemical industry for pumping solution of acid, alkaline, hydroxide and neutral salts and pharmaceutical industry as well.

Centrifuge Pumps


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