Milk Receiving Package

These packages calculate the amount of the received milk based on the kilogram or liter with the accuracy of one thousand . They can calculate density and temperature of the milk . these devices have the capacity of 2000 L/H  to 40000 L/H .

- Reliable measurement of the received milk volume based on Liter and Kilogram with 0.001 AK.  Detection of the received milk density and input temperature. -   - Monotonous and continuous cooling of milk up to 2 co through a Plate Heat  Exchanger enjoying Alfa Laval and APV Plates.  - Mechanical filtration of milk and easy safe cleaning of the unit contributing to a connected central CIP System.  - Capable of interlinking to the central monitoring network and allocation of a code to every single supplier to control the milk volume they monthly deliver. - Requiring minimum occupying space, even could be designed in a portable style. - Equipped with APV (W+) and Alfa Laval (LKH) Centrifugal Electropumps ensures the long term operation of transmitting pumps with monotonous capacities and high pressure rate.

In Dairy and Beverages Industry

Milk Receiving Package


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