Preservation Tank

Storing tanks (silo) are made from ST-ST316 or ST-ST304  some of these tanks have one or two layers  . the capacity of these tanks are in the range of 10000 liters to 20000 liters.
Both layers of tank are made of ST-ST304 or ST-ST316 and have standard welding and polishing
These tanks are covered with glass wool thermal insulation jacket to maintain product temperature for longest possible time
Manhole doors installed in the top or side of the tank 
Knob thermometer or digital thermometer
Washing turbines , adjustable legs
Evacuation vent
Ladder with suitable guard 
Sockets for auxiliary equipment such as (PT100, High Level, Low Level, Pressure Transmitter)

Dairy industry, fruit juice , oiling, non –alcoholic beer, soda,…

Preservation Tank


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