These series of RONGHE and DAMAGOSTAR high pressure homogenizers are amongst the popular products of the company, enjoying the West Europe technology which based on the applied operational pressure are classified in Five series as 25 MPA, 30 MPA, 40 MPA,60 MPA, and 70 MPA. The flow rate is variable from 100 liters/hour to 15 tons/hour. Compared to the currently available local and foreign structures, these high pressure series enjoy substantial improvements which results in their excellence in performance and meets the specific requirements of domestic users. Special technical features accompanied with its monotonous efficiency result from utilizing best parts, makes this machine gradually changing to the customer’s first choice in Asia and Europe.

1. The lubricating system of the transmission box acts through an oil pressure pump, conveying oil wherever required. This way the reliable functioning of the equipment are guaranteed.  (Machinery/Equipment with less than 11 KW operational capacity are no included in this system.)
2. The cooling system can maintain the lubrication at the best status, which is the reliable guarantee for long term and high strength operation of the equipment. 
3. The soft and hard integrated plunger sealing structure may count as an advantage of the machine.
4. Large range pressure gauge is adopted with super long service life.
5. High rigidity pressure adjusting device is adopted, which is easy and flexible to load and unload.

Fruit juice , Wheyless cheese , different kinds of the sauces i.e. ketchup and mayonnaise and flavored milks must be considered as where the machine might be installed and be well designed along with the other installed machine in the production lines.



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