Central Cold Water System

The latest innovation of Damagostar manufacturing industrial ice banks production, omitting interior welding plate and replacement with advance pieces of separated panel, in purpose to reduce abrasion of the connection points and receive a higher heat efficiency. Applied of evaporator and condensing unit at the high level design, causes smooth operation of compressor with long life, reduces utility consumption and to rest machine in longer time which could reduce expenses of repairing and maintenance of the machine .

Body and bottom insulation with high density plastofoam. (density 25)
Evaporating system with propellers that produce air circulation inside the cooling chamber.
Contain air condensing unit
Wire compression made by DWM, COPLAND or other wellknown brand
Control unit with IP45 protection unit while using electrical parts and secure design.

In dairy industry and keeping fruits, vegetables and meat fresh. 

Central Cold Water System


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