in this system you can use different volume of tanks for solutions . our device is using tanks with capacity between 1000 liters to 2000 liters . this system have the potential of adding new lines. this feature can reduce the amount of initial investment .
1- The system allows the product manager to program unlimited number of combined cleaning and rinsing operations (water, acid, sterile, …) as well as single-staged cleaning cycles with different capacities.
2- The system is designed with a feature that helps to control the liquid temperature routing back in automation process .
3- The system is completed with an automatic fault-page that helps to spot the faults visibly on the screen and remove them .
4- Due to density control feature, the rinsing process is accomplished with minimum water consumption and the least water sediment in lines .
5- The use of central panel with IP64 Electric protection guard and touch screen results in an increased electric safety level and easy operation for operator .
6- The unit is designed with auto adjustable liquid consistency (acid and soda) feature  that runs through the lines under the same temperature .

Dairy industry, Fruit juice, Mayonnaise and Ketchup sauce,… 


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