Installation and Setup

Installation and setup is one of the most important steps inn every industry , especially dairy industry.
In this kind of operation the most important rule is to carefully organize devices  and then install pipes , process lines, power and electrical devices(automation) 
In regard to high prices of pipes and cables , etc  you should have a very precise anticipation .
Our installation design department have installed more than 400 projects in dairy , beverage ,chemical , glucose , etc industries. We use expert human resources to insure your secure investment.
Installation and set up is contained of:
Design organization of devices
Design process lines(stain less steel)
Design back up lines(water, steam, compressed air)
Design cabling(power cables)
Design circuiting and automation
Presenting high standard maps
Installation all of the above
Initiation of devices
Operator education
All of the above is done by our fully expert personnel whom have over 25 years of experience.


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