Plate Pasteurizer


Ranking the first among the company’s primarily designed and engineered pasteurizers, DG P11 group has been developed and advanced through the course of time to meet the customized requirements of various processing plants and meanwhile improved to achieve less energy consumption, convenient application, ideal linking with other equipment in line for guaranteed functionality and increased lifetime of the whole unit. Modular feature of DG PA11 series enables us to design and built them to meet your product and process requirements and for various working shifts per day.

This generation of our classic plate pasteurizers features a continuous automated thermal processing which is best for market milk, yogurt milk, yogurt drink, kefir, ice-cream, cream and juices with fruit particles of 5mm or smaller size. The deaeration system that covers the entire product range (from low to high viscosity) and much longer holding times are other added features of DG PA11 series. 

DG PA 11 series are available for 1000 L/H-35000 L/H capacities and in three operational temperature range.

  • - BALANCE TANK of the right capacity equipped with fully automated controlling system for both mechanical and electronic parameters and even intelligent monitoring feature for specific range of products. 
  • -  CENTRIFUGAL ELECTRO-PUMP (DG-PU Model) made with ST-ST 316 equipped with automatic pressure control device and failure analysis feature and easy maintenance.
  • - MULTI-STAGE HEAT-EXCHANGING UNIT designed and fabricated with European made plates which produces the highest possible heat transfer coefficients with the lowest possible pressure drops.
  • - HOT WATER UNIT is designed and built to your applications requirements and is composed of plate heat-exchangers, welded plates, tubular, steam regulators, pressure supply unit, steam entrapment along with other fittings and attachments.
  • - HOLDING TUBE provide for a fixed volume of tubing to “hold” a product for a set period of time. The holding times are calculated based on the product processing requirements and tubes are mounted on the main pasteurization unit.
  • -  CONTROL PANEL & PLC system to maintain control over the entire production process through with the data stored in an electronic memory, making it easier to modify the program whenever necessary.
  • - TEMPERETURE CONTROL system for successful pasteurization and returning of the product, in case of tracking any level of contamination
  • - Maintaining the positive pressure along the return circuit and use of booster pumps if necessary to avoid any probable contamination.
  • -  The unit is skid mounted on a single integrated platform for flexible relocation, easier operation and maintenance. 
  • This generation of pasteurizers use a continuous method to pasteurize milk , yogurt, ayran ,cream, and even fruit juice with pieces of fruit smaller than 5 mm. in this kind of pasteurizer you can use deaerators and long holding times.

    Plate Pasteurizer

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